Counter Strike and Online Slots

cs29_800We know you’re already confused after reading the title – what does Counter Strike, a first-person shooter game, has to do with gambling and slots in particular. You will be surprised how much Counter Strike can help you with your online slots strategy. To learn a bit more about the similarities between the two games, we reached out to online casino Betsson representative Mike Osbourne from Here is what he told us:

Know the game/map

You can’t be a good Counter Strike player unless you know the map. Similarly, you can’t really play slots unless you are fully acquainted with the rules. Often in Counter Strike eSport competitions, players don’t know on which map they will be teleported until the very last moment. In this regard, slot players have a distinct advantage because they get to choose which game they will play. Therefore, you have no excuse to play a slots game unprepared. Many slots have bonus rounds and progressive jackpots, which actually require of the player to do something else besides just pressing the Spin button.

Know when to back down

New players in Counter Strike often don’t know when to back down and get out of a fight they are losing. If you see your health dropping, your armor gone and your ammunitions depleting, while engaging an opponent, the wise thing to do is to escape and gain back your composure. Try to get some ammo and recharge your armor. Alternatively, you can call for help from a fellow teammate. Similarly, if you see that you are losing a lot in slots, the best strategy is to cut your losses and try another time. You can change the slot you are playing or just call it a day and do something else.

Know your odds/opponents

In Counter Strike it’s very important to know the players you are facing – what’s their skill level, the weapons they prefer to use and their team tactics. Knowing your opponent helps you come up with a strategy to counter them and eventually win. In slots, you are not really facing an opponent but a random number generator algorithm. What you need to know are the payouts and the odds. You have to be aware of the rate at which the machine is preprogrammed to pay out.

While Counter Strike and slots seem to be two completely different games, the truth is that they have more in common than you can imagine. Being acquainted with the rules, knowing when to quit and researching the odds you are facing will help you become a better FPS shooter and a better gambler.