Grenades, Armor and Everything That’s Not a Gun

Not everything is a weapon in Counter Strike – there is also plenty of other equipment you can utilize to protect yourself and hurt your enemies. Here is a list of a few items that can help you bring up your game:

As in real life, grenades are thrown and cannot be retrieved afterwards as they usually explode. Skilled players can use grenades to damage enemies that are out of sight or have taken a defensive position, prepared for a frontal assault. All grenades do a basic one point damage, which means that even a flashbang can kill the enemy. Here are the different types of grenades you can use:

Flashbang grenades cost $200 and when thrown will blind all players that are looking at it (including you). A way to counter flashbangs is to turn 180 degrees, which will minimize the ‘whitening’ effect of the grenade. The second is to open fire in the direction from which the grenade came, hoping that enemies will be discouraged to get out of their cover while you’re spraying bullets.

Smoke Grenade

Some grenades cost $300 and when thrown release large patches of smoke. Parts of the smoke are thick enough to blind completely people that are in it. Smoke grenades are harder to use because it takes time for them to start releasing a lot of smoke and create a proper cover.

High-Explosive grenade

The first choice for most players, high-explosive grenades, also known as HE grenades, do what their name suggests – explode, damaging players near them (even you or your teammates). These grenades are incredibly versatile and can be used in a lot of situations. A great way to utilize them is to bounce them off a wall when you know the enemy is hiding behind a corner.

Miscellaneous Gear


Kevlar costs $650 and is essential as it adds an extra layer of protection from enemy fire. For $350 more you can combine it with a helmet, which helps against players who like to go for headshots.


At the price of $1250 you can gain an edge when playing on dark maps. On light maps it’s a waste of money and usually makes your vision worse than usual.

C4 Explosive and Bomb Defusal Kit

When playing on a bomb map, a random terrorist will be given a C4 Explosive to place and hopefully detonate. Meanwhile, counter terrorists can buy bomb defusal kits for $200 as their goal is to defuse the bomb before it goes off.