Online Board Games

Allowing the pandemic to spoil your weekly board game nights is not a good idea. Here, I discuss how I’ve started using the internet to play some of my favourite board games, such as RISK, Monopoly, and Settlers of Catan.


Tabletopia is a game that has a lot going for it. It supports licenced board games, which include high-quality artwork and proper rulebooks. Many of them are free to play or trial, with only a few of the more popular ones requiring a $9.99/month premium subscription—and only one person in your buddy group needs to pay for the subscription in order for everyone in your group to play the Premium games together. The user interface is simple and intuitive, and it adapts well to a wide range of games.

The nicest aspect of Tabletopia, though, is how easy it is to create a lobby, invite your friends, and start a game. There is no need to install or download anything because all of the games run in your browser. It’s a painless procedure.

While popular newer board games like Secret Hitler and Scythe are available, you’ll quickly realise that several classics aren’t: RISK and Monopoly aren’t among Tabletopia’s selections. You’ll have to go elsewhere for those.