15 Websites With Free Online Games For Kids Ages 4 to 19

Online Gaming Websites For 4 To 8-Year-Olds

1. Funbrain

Funbrain offers a variety of online educational games that cover a wide range of disciplines, including fundamental math and life sciences. Games are categorised according to their relation to school pupils’ grades. There’s also a section for teachers who want to play the games with their students in the classroom.

Website: http://www.funbrain.com/games

2.  Arcademics

Arcademics offers a variety of online math and alphabet activities for youngsters. Each game has a clear design. This website is well worth a visit if you want to make learning interesting for your child.

 website: arcademics.com 


This online gaming portal focuses on improving a child’s letter and number recognition. There are also games to help kids learn about the calendar, computers, and different countries’ flags, among other things. There are several sections for youngsters of various grades. Overall, a good website for children’s online educational games.
website: abcya.com.

4. Disney LOL

Disney produces some of the most popular children’s films, and their online games are no exception. Children can enjoy games with their favourite Disney characters in Disney LOL. There are numerous sections to the games. The majority of games promote imagination and creativity.

website: lol.disney.com/games

5. Nick Junior

Several prominent animated characters from the Nickelodeon channel are featured in the games. Most games contain simple quests that appeal to younger children, such as those who have just begun school. The player must follow the tutorials in the games.
Website: nickjr.tv

6. Games for Kids on PBS

Several of the games here are educational in nature, teaching youngsters fundamental counting skills as well as logic and reasoning. To appeal to youngsters, each game features a cartoon character. Different shapes, food items, and reading are all typical game topics.

pbskids.org/games is the website

7 .Prongo games

Here you will find a large number of online math games for children. There are also games for colouring and matching. The game idea is straightforward, yet most games are timed, which adds an element of difficulty while being enjoyable to complete.

8. Switch Zoo 

Animals are the focus of the game. Children must choose several animal species, habitats, feeding habits, and other comparable characteristics. If your youngster like animals and zoos, this online game should bring hours of fun and learning.

Switchzoo’s website is switchzoo.com.

9. CBeebies

The BBC has created a website with engaging activities and games exclusively for youngsters. Most games have a goal, such as finding matching pieces or putting together jigsaw puzzles. The games are easy, and the website has a bright look that will appeal to elementary school students. 

CBeebies has a website called global.cbeebies.com.

10. Word Game Time

Games are organised into categories so that a youngster can choose which one they want to play. All of the games revolve around the formation of letters, words, and sentences. If your youngster enjoys learning the letters in English, they will appreciate all of the games on this website.

Wordgametime.com is a website .

Portals For 9 to 12-Year-Olds Playing Online Games

11. Poki Kids 

Poki Kids offers a variety of free online games for kids from a variety of game developers. The games available here are varied. The games load swiftly, and the UI is straightforward.
Kids.poki.com is a website .

12. National Geographic Kids

The popular science and wildlife channel extends the thrills of its programming to online games. The games, like NatGeo broadcasts, focus on knowledge-building and fact-learning. There are certain fun brain games, such as illusions, that can assist a child’s cognitive and sensory skills.


13. NASA Kids’ Club

NASA created a website to pique people’s interest in space exploration. The activities teach children about space, space probes, interesting facts, and a variety of other fascinating aspects of what is beyond the sky. If your youngster is already interested in space and stars, they will like the online games available here.
NASA’s Kids Club website is located at nasa.gov/kidsclub.

Websites With Online Games for 13 to 19-Year-Olds

14. Miniclip

It boasts one of the largest online gaming libraries, with the majority of games geared for children in their middle to late adolescent years. The majority of the games are for fun, however there is a puzzle part that blends fun with logical thinking.

Miniclip’s website is miniclip.com.

15. Orisinal

The player-controlled animals in most of these games accomplish various activities. Before each game, the player is given a tutorial and a score-keeping system that allows them to track their progress. The games have a tiny learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, they’re fun to play and rewarding to win.
Original website: ferryhalim.com

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