Minecraft modifications that are the best

Which Minecraft mods are the best? People have pondered this question for millennia ever since a young Plato tried to improve his game at Socrates’ knee. Or something like that. There are plenty to pick from, as new Minecraft mods had been steadily releasing since the game’s first public release almost a decade ago.

Minecraft is a popular blocky game. It’s the only game that allows you to build a castle the size of Jack’s famous beanstalk and plummet for eternity through an increasingly difficult abyss – but it could use some Minecraft mods to improve things. You can make Mojang’s classic even better on PC, from interface modifications to tools to ease your hours of exploring.

Minecraft mods that are currently the most popular are included in this list. All of them are grouped into divisions based on what you want to modify with the game, ranging from minor tweaks to complex, intricate Minecraft mods that can keep you occupied for months.


You should carefully follow the installation instructions for each Minecraft mod on this list, and many of them will require you to downgrade your Minecraft version. In most cases, version 1.7.10 will suffice. MultiMC, a valuable software that allows you to manage numerous Minecraft mod instals, can assist you with this.


When you have many Minecraft mods installed, you’ll quickly realise that the basic UI isn’t cutting it. The following packages make modded Minecraft more enjoyable to play.


Do you have a powerful computer? Optifine adds support for HD textures and more control over graphical parameters to Minecraft, making it look incredible. Alternatively, if you’re playing on a potato, download Fastcraft, which enhances performance on low-end devices, especially when you have a lot of Minecraft mods installed.


Once you’ve installed Inventory Tweaks, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it. Tools that lose durability are automatically replaced in your Hotbar, stacks of blocks are automatically refilled, and chests and inventory are sorted with a simple middle-click. It can also be completely customised.


Mini Minecraft is a miniature version of Minecraft that can be played on a chest. On YouTube, user SethBling uploaded a video of the mod in action, along with a download link in the description. This mod contains all of the same features as the original game, except that you can control everything from a Minecraft chest’s interface. You’ll see your actions laid out in front of you as you exit the chest as if you’d been working in 2D the entire time.


This deliciously easy mod makes controlling controls much easier when other Minecraft mods are loaded. You can use this interface mod to create a search bar and put in the command you’re looking for to see what keybinding it has. You can even filter it to show overlapping keybindings so you can quickly correct them.